We offer you an innovative business which is financial consulting in the field of cryptocurrency! We are an experienced office. dealing with digital currencies in Poland. After joining our franchise program, we offer: - training in digital currency sales techniques - location consultancy (not required at first) - legal advice if the need arises - A package of 1,000 contacts to potential investors interested in investing in digital currencies - access to company databases, where forecast currency rates are calculated, calculated by our analysts - We offer you a business that generates large profits without much effort.

To be precise, business looks like we serve clients who invest in digital secure currencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Litcoin, advising them when and what to invest in. The commission is 10 percent on the paid-in funds and 10 percent on the paid-out profit (if the client is at a loss or no profit we do not charge a profit) The business is simple and 100% compliant with the KNF regulations. Joining the program costs 5000 net VAT, we issue a VAT invoice for this from our franchisees - willingness to establish or operate a company or business activity - no criminal record statement - min. secondary education - full involvement in the project




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